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Hours of Operation & Inclement Weather Policy

!. Any changes to the usual hours will be posted to the bulletin board, listed on the Facebook Page: and available on the Wedgewood website:

2. An announcement will be made 15 minutes prior to normal closing. All members and guests are expected to begin packing up at this time, and exit Wedgewood by the posted closing time.

3. The pool may be closed by the pool manager for maintenance operation, health conditions, weather conditions, preparation for splash parties, or for any reason deemed sufficient by the manager and or a Board Member.

4. If thunder and/or lightning are heard or seen the pools and deck areas will be cleared until 30 minutes after the instance of thunder or lightning.

5. If a member is unsure whether the Club will open either at the beginning of the day or after an earlier closing, please check the Club’s Facebook Page: or web site for weather related closures.

6. Hours are posted on the Calendar. 

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