Rules and Policies



  1. Guest fees are $8.00 for adults and  children.

  2. A guest is any non-member wishing to use the Club. The Club facilities are available to guests of members ONLY WHEN ACCOMPANIED BY A MEMBER (16 years or older). Guest fee must be paid at time of registration. All guests must be signed in at the Front Desk with the sponsor member’s name.

  3. There may be a limit of six guests per membership per day (subject to Manager’s discretion based on the capacity of the facility at that time). Management reserves the right to refuse to allow a guest admission for any reason, at any time. The decision to allow or refuse a guest can only be made by the Pool Manager or any responsible Wedgewood Board member.

  4. Guests are limited to ten (10) visits per season. Any exceptions need Board of Directors for approval.

  5. All guests (adults and children) must wear the wristband given to them at time of registration at all times when on Club premises.

  6. Members are responsible for the actions of their guests. Guests can be asked by management to leave the facility if their conduct or actions are inappropriate. Members are responsible to educate their guests regarding proper behavior and adhering to the rules of Wedgewood Swim Club.

  7. Grandparents of members are considered guests and must adhere to all the guests’ rules as described above, but a guest fee will NOT be collected.

​We're happy to help you host a party at Wedgewood and we have just a few rules/requests that will make the process of having a party more enjoyable.

Available Dates for Parties:  From Memorial Day opening through July-Wedgewood does not allow parties on Sunday's.  Sunday is the busiest day of the week at the pool and it's difficult to predict how crowded the pool will be.  Parties will also be limited on Holidays and when Wedgewood has other scheduled events.  In all cases, approval for a Party date is at the discretion of the Pool Manager.

  1. Prior to Pool opening in early Spring, you can email your  Party Reservation request to:  wedgewoodbod@gmail.com.  Include the date of the party, the number of Adults and Kids likely to come to party  and someone from Wedgewood will be in contact to confirm your party.  Once the Pool Opens for the season, Birthday parties/group gatherings must be arranged through the Club Manager or Assistant Manager and be arranged at least two days in advance.

  2. Parties with guests need to be approved by the Club Manager.

  3. The cost for Parties is $10 dollars per guest – (no charge for Club members).  Guests might be limited on how long they can stay at the club depending on the day and other potential issues. 

  4. All parties, regardless of the starting and duration times, SHALL end and be cleaned up 30 minutes prior to pool closing time.   All party guests must leave the facilities at closing time.

  5. A list of party guests (members and non-members) must be provided to the Front Gate Guard or to the Club Manager on duty before the party begins.

  6. The host member of the party must provide a $100 deposit (check) to the Club Manager before the party begins. This deposit is to ensure the party concludes on time and the area is cleaned. The check will be returned after all obligations are met.

  7. Where a party includes children UNDER 6 (SIX) years old, the adult-to-child ratio must be no more than 1 adult for every 2 children. Example: if your 5 year old child’s party includes 11 of his friends (12 total children under 6), there must be a total of 6 adults (or mother’s helpers) on hand.

  8. Parties will be limited to a total of 25 people. 


Party Reservations

1. The party can be stopped or canceled at the Club Manager’s discretion. 2. If party is stopped due to any condition(s) that violates Club policies – No refund. 3. If a party is stopped due to weather and the party has reached its half waypoint there will be no refund. 4. If a party is stopped before the half way point, guest passes will be issued for future use during the same calendar year.

Weather Guidelines

  1. Wedgewood Swim Club will remain open during regularly scheduled hours unless there is poor weather or other unforeseen conditions.
  2. With the onset of thunder, lightning, or other poor weather related conditions, the Club manager and lifeguards will clear all the pools immediately.
  3. Loudspeaker announcements will be made by the Club manager along with the lifeguards signaling with three quick whistles to empty the pools.
  4. Pools will remain closed until there is 20 minutes of no thunder or 45 minutes of no lightning. The pools can remain open with light rain, but may close based on the Club manager’s discretion. The pools will reopen when the Club manager feels it is safe for members to re-enter the pools.
  5. If the weather related conditions continue for an extended period, the Club manager may decide to close the Club. The Club can remain closed for the balance of the day.
Weather related before opening for the day
If weather conditions are questionable before the Club is scheduled to open, the Club manager may decide to delay the opening. The Club will open only if the weather conditions improve. If there is a question by a member on whether the Club will open either at the beginning of the day or after an earlier closing, the member should call the Club at 610-696-4390. If no one answers the phone, the member should assume the Club is closed at that time. Members may also check the Club’s Facebook page or web site for weather related closures.

Lawn Chairs

Lawn Chairs left at the Club must be stored on the chair rack in the lower pool area during the season. ALL CHAIRS MUST BE HUNG UP. The Wedgewood Swim Club is not responsible for these chairs. The chairs must be claimed within one week of Labor Day (last day pool is open). Chairs can be picked up at the fall workday. Left over chairs will be discarded by Wedgewood Swim Club. It may be a good idea to write you name on your chairs left at the Swim Club.

Food and Beverage Policy

Food may be brought by members and guests, but should only be consumed in the picnic area and in the covered deck. Thank you in advance for cleaning up after yourselves. Ice Cream is sold every day at 3:00 PM in the Pavilion. A bell will be rung when ice cream sales have begun. Profits from the ice cream support the Swim Team. Ice Cream trucks are strictly forbidden on the Wedgewood Swim Club property.