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Board of Directors Officers

President – Chris Gedney
Vice Presidents – Kip Volkman and Greg Harkins
Treasurer – Rick Scheibe and Dan Mannes
Secretary – Kathleen Cetola

Board of Directors:

Dan Altman, Seth Birch, Kathy Casey, Jeff Clute, Liz DiGuglielmo, Amanda Fisher, Jason Ritter, Kelly Rowe Wlodarczyk, Mark Schugsta

2023 Staff:

Club Manager – Bob Marks
Assistant Manager – Tim Horan
Assistant Manager – Caitlyn Stratman

Assistant Manager - Katie Beall

Board of Directors Proxy

Each August, elections will be held for the Board of Directors. Elections will be held online and voting information will be emailed to all members. To be added to the distribution list, contact us.

Board of Directors Nominations

Directors Nominations

Club Members in good standing are eligible for election to the board. If interested, please contact us.

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