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General Pool Safety Policy
1. Children under the age of 12 shall not be permitted alone in water over their heads until they have
passed a deep water test administered by the pool manager and / or lifeguard. Tests are available
on request and scheduled based on availability. The Lower Pool may only be used by people who
have passed the deep water test.
2. No diving in the upper pool, except in the diving well by the diving board. Please observe safety
signs in the lower pool.
3. Anyone using the slide must go feet first and in the sitting position.
4. Please behave responsibly in the pool and consider the safety and comfort of others. No running,
sliding, dunking, pushing or rough housing. When using the basketball hoops, please be
considerate of others. Please listen to the lifeguards and follow directions.
5. Any child using a flotation device (water wings, tubes, life-jackets, etc.) must be accompanied by an
adult in the water or along the pool deck near their child.


Baby Pool Safety Policy
1. Please remember that the Baby Pool is intended for young pre-swimming children (ages up to 6
years). A parent or adult should accompany any child in the baby pool.
2. Please remind swimming age children that the baby pool is intended to be a safe space for building
water confidence. Lifeguards may ask a child who is not making appropriate use of the baby pool to
move to another area.
3. Children who are not yet toilet trained should wear a swim diaper while in the Baby Pool.

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