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Party Policy
1. Members, over the age of 18, are permitted to make a request to host a party at Wedgewood.
Parties can be scheduled Monday - Saturday with prior permission and approval from Club Manager.
A party is a gathering of more than six non-Member Guests. 
2. Parties are not permitted on Sundays, Holidays, or during scheduled events, as these are high traffic
times. In all cases, approval for a Party date is at the discretion of the Manager.
3. Cost for Party Guests is $10/Party Guest. Current members are not counted towards your party
guest list cost.
4. Prior to the season, please email your party request to: at least two (2)
days prior to your desired party date. During the season please see the manager on duty to request
a party at least days prior to the event. Please include: 1.) Requested date of party; and 2.) Number
of adult guests and child guests anticipated.  Parties are limited to a max of 25 people.
5. The Manager will respond to your party request as soon as possible. Your Party Request is not
confirmed until you receive an approval email from Manager.
6. A final list of party guests must be provided to the front gate guard and club manager as soon as
possible, but no later than 1 hour prior to the party start time. Please make payment for party guests
at the front gate when your final list is submitted. This helps expedite the check in process for both
front gate staff and your party guests. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds.
7. Please remember that no supplies, reservation of seating or Pavilion, or staff assistance is provided with an
approved party request. The hosting member is responsible for reserving the space, setting up, and cleaning up the party
area. The Pavilion cannot be reserved for parties. 
8. Please make sure your party is concluded and your guests have exited at least 30 minutes prior to
closing time.
9. Please remember that the hosting member is responsible for ensuring that any guest children are
appropriately supervised at all times. Please ensure that you have an appropriate adult to child ratio
for any party.

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