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Guest Policy
1. Members who are 18 year of age or older may invite guests to Wedgewood. The inviting Member is
required to be present and responsible for the guest during the visit. Guests may not be left
unattended and must leave Wedgewood when the inviting Member leaves.
2. The Pool Manager may decline to admit any guest at any time. The Manager is responsible for
limiting guest admission to ensure appropriate club capacity.
3. Guest Fees: $6 if purchased during the offseason and $8 if purchased in season. No guest fee will
be collected for grandparents. Guest passes are non-transferable and non-refundable. Guest passes carry over from year to year, they do not expire. 
4. Members may invite a maximum of six guests per day. More than six guests per day constitutes a
Party. (See Party Policy below).
5. Guests are limited to ten (10) visits per season.
6. The inviting member shall register guests(s) at the front desk when the guest(s) arrives. Guests will
receive a wristband and will be expected to wear it during their visit

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