Due to the popularity of Wedgewood, new membership applications are placed on a wait list in the order they are received. The chance for acceptance increases the earlier the application is received. Based on recent experience, a family on the waiting list has a fair chance of being accepted for membership before the current summer season.

Existing Members use login to

  • manage your account

  • make payments

  • update your account.


Dues and Obligations


New Member Financial Obligations

For new members after your second year there is a $50 dollar annual improvement fee billed to your membership

Dues and fees are subject to change without notice.


Email to: wedgewoodbod@gmail.com

For all Families that have joined prior to 2019 you will be billed a $50 annual improvement fee.  For Families joining in 2019 and beyond, after your second year of membership you will be billed the $50 dollar annual improvement fee.

 The “Family Tradition” and Wedgewood By-Laws require that all Family Members must be registered under our dues structure, whether they intend to swim or not. There are no partial year refunds of the membership fee.

More Information

Membership Invoices and Payments

Renewal notices are usually sent to all members by mid-Februrary. Payment is typically due toward the end of March. Late payments will be subject to a late fee. Membership fees may be paid by logging into your account and making a payment through our secure online payment gateway.

Family Changes and Babysitters

  • For changes in the family, please complete the online Update Account Form
  • A nanny/babysitter may be added to a family’s membership for a fee of $75 per babysitter. To add babysitter, login to your account and make your selection on the Payments screen.
  • “Non-family-member children” may not be added to your membership. They may be admitted as guests.


  • As a member-owned and member run club, we rely on member volunteers to assist with the many tasks required to open, close and maintain the swim club.
  • There is one work day before the pool opens and possibly another work day in the fall after the pool closes.
  • Special work days may be held during the summer and will be announced by email.
  • If a member has a specific skill, for example, carpenter, electrician, landscaper, please contact the Club. We will definitely utilize your skill during one of the work days.

Terminating Your Membership

To terminate your membership at Wedgewood, complete the online Bond Redemption Form and return the original bond to Wedgewood Swim Club, P.O. Box 614, West Chester, PA 19381-0614. Bond refunds will be mailed based on the following criteria:

  • According to our bylaws, a new member’s bond will be replaced with the terminating family’s bond.
  • Article 2 Section E.VII states “A member may withdraw from the Club at any time by submitting bond and written notice to the Treasurer. The face value of the Bond (minus any outstanding charges) shall be refunded when the membership is replaced. The Board, at its discretion, may purchase membership bond of resigning members at face value.”