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Enforcement of Rules and Policies
1. Wedgewood is a Member owned and operated club. The Rules and Policies have been created by
Membership to promote safe enjoyment by all Members.
2. Members are responsible for being familiar with and following the Rules and Policies.
3. Members are responsible for communicating Rules and Policies to Children and Guests and are
expected to require their children and guests to follow the Rules and Policies.
4. Lifeguards are posted at various stations around the pool for the safety of all swimmers. Direction
from lifeguards must be followed at all times. If you have a question or comment about a lifeguard’s
direction, please direct that question to the manager on duty. Lifeguards are not permitted to engage
in discussion as this could take their attention away from the pool area.
5. Lifeguards may remove anyone from the pool at any time for any reason.
6. If a lifeguard observes objectionable or unsafe behavior, the lifeguard may, at the lifeguard's
discretion, “Bench” a swimmer.
● A “Benched” individual is required to report immediately to a pool adjacent bench as
directed by lifeguard.
● An initial benching is expected to last 20 minutes
● Subsequent benchings will last longer at the discretion of the life guard / manager
● Repeat offenders and their families will receive a warning that suspension or revocation of
membership privileges will follow if the situation is not remedied.
● Suspension or revocation of membership will be at the discretion of the Board of Directors
7. Any item not covered by the Wedgewood Rules and Policies list is at the discretion of the
Board of Directors

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