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Swim Lessons Director - Tim Horan



  • Learn Water Safety

  • Develop/improve strokes required to compete in swim meets

  • Pass “Green Tag Test”, the swim test for permission to use all areas of the pool

  • Have fun in the water!


(Members Only)

5 lessons, $30 per swimmer/lesson

  • 30 minutes per lesson beginning in June until the end of the Swim Team season in late July. Lessons may be offered in August if instructors are available.

  • Lessons scheduled at the convenience of the family and instructors during open pool hours.

  • Please include your top two preferred instructors on the registration form. We will try to meet your request, but there is no guarantee.

  • Swim team coaches cannot give private lessons during swim team practices and swim meets.

  • All ages. Swimmers younger than age 4 may want to consider 5, 15 minute lessons for $75.


(Members Only)

Semi-Private (2 swimmers): 5 lessons, $20 per swimmer/lesson


Group (3-4 swimmers): 5 lessons, $15 per swimmer/lesson 

  • Offered for siblings, friends, neighbors, etc. of relatively similar ages and/or ability levels.

  • 30 minutes per lesson with one instructor

  • Swimmers must be at least 4 years old and potty-trained.

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